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All things R

I was interviewed by Peter Schmidt on the RSE Stories podcast created by Vanessa Sochat. You can listen to the 26 minute long episode. Thanks Peter for the invitation and interview!

Blogging with R Markdown

Are you an R user? Would you like sharing more online? How about starting a new blog, with R Markdown (Rmd)? In this 2-hour course with live coding, we’ll go on two short adventures: setting up a scientific Rmd blog with the Distill framework and the distill package setting up a scientific Rmd blog with the Hugo website generator and the hugodown package (and discussing the blogdown package)

Become an R Package Developer!

“Develop an R package”, they said… What does this even mean? In this session with a live demo, we shall demystify the creation of an R package. R packages are mostly well-organized folders, and there are automatic tools to help. Let’s dive into the wonders of usethis! We shall also see why to create a package (or not). We shall furthermore explain how to improve your R package and your own package development skills.

Bloguear con R Markdown

Eres un usuari@ de R y querrías compartir más contenido en linea? Porqué no crear un nuevo blog, con R Markdown (Rmd)? En esta charla-taller de 2 horas con demonstración en vivo, tendremos dos adventuras: Crear un blog Rmd con el paquete distill Crear un blog Rmd con el paquete hugodown Nos preparamos para estas aventuras definiendo lo que queremos de un blog Rmd. Acabaremos el curso reflecionando sobre cada aventura y explicando caminos futuros, por ejemplo cómo hacer la publicidad de tu blog.