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RSS, fantastic tool for keeping up-to-date

I found an excuse to blog about XML again! Yes, RSS feeds are in practice XML, but for most people, that’s not why they are cool. An RSS (really simple syndication) feed is metadata about all, or the most recent posts published by a website: publication date, content or summary, etc. Much handier in my opinion to use that to get updates among Twitter “noise”. RSS feed example Have a look at the RSS feed for this blog over at https://masalmon.

Why I like XPath, XML and HTML

One of my favorite tool is XPath, the query language for exploring XML and HTML trees. In this post, I will highlight a few use cases of this “angle-bracket crunching tool” and hope to convince you that it’s an awesome thing to know about and play with. Many thanks to Christophe Dervieux for useful feedback on this post! Mille mercis ! Brief intro to XPath in R Say I have some XML,

8 (octo!) GitHub Tips

I’m spending quite a lot of my working time on GitHub, so have taken some habits. Maybe some of them can be useful to you! 1: How to get started I’ve never actually taught git and GitHub, but I like sharing these useful links: Happy Git and GitHub for the useR by Jenny Bryan, the STAT 545 TAs, Jim Hester. It includes a big picture section “Why Git? Why GitHub?

How to become a better R code detective?

Huge thanks to Hannah Frick for her useful feedback on this post! Vielen Dank! This post was featured on the R Weekly podcast by Eric Nantz. When trying to fix a bug or add a feature to an R package, how do you go from viewing the code as a big messy ball of wool, to a logical diagram that you can bend to your will? In this post, I will share some resources and tips on getting better at debugging and reading code, written by someone else (or yourself but long enough ago to feel foreign!

Draw me a project

I’ll be giving a remote keynote talk at the Rencontres R (French R conference) on July the 12th, all in French. This blog post is a written version of my presentation, but in English. I decided to not talk about package development for once, but rather about workflows and how to structure & run an analysis.1 Many thanks to Christophe Dervieux for useful feedback on this post! Merci beaucoup !