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Single-source publishing for R users

A big part of my work includes putting content about R online, in blog posts and online books. I’m therefore very interested in the technical infrastructure that allows us R users to produce beautiful products out of R Markdown or Markdown source files. In this post I shall summarize my recent experiments around making HTML and PDF versions of books. Thanks to Julie Blanc’s inspiring post in French, I have learnt this is called single-source publishing.

How I Taught Scientific Blogging with R Markdown, Online

Last week I had the pleasure to lead an online course about “Scientific Blogging with R Markdown”, invited by Najko Jahn and Anne Hobert from SUB Göttingen. To follow the example set by the incredible Alison Hill, I’ll write a summary of what I’ve learnt and would like to do better next time. The topic The topic of the course was “Scientific Blogging with R Markdown”. For months I would sometimes write down some ideas, from “present distill” to “show web developer console”, that I had whilst reading things online.

How to showcase CSS+JS+HTML snippets with Hugo?

I’ve recently found myself having to write a bit of CSS or JS for websites made with Hugo. Note for usual readers: it is a topic not directly related to R, but you might have played with either or both CSS and JS for your R blog or Shiny app. On a scale from Peter Griffin programming CSS window blinds to making art with CSS, I’m sadly much closer to the former; my JS knowledge is not better.

What to know before you adopt Hugo/blogdown

Fancy (re-)creating your website using Hugo, with or without blogdown? Feeling a bit anxious? This post is aimed at being the Hugo equivalent of “What to know before you adopt a pet”. We shall go through things that can/will break in the future, and what you can do to prevent future pain. I’m writing this post with R users in mind, which means I shall use R analogies and mentioning blogdown, but I hope some aspects are generalizable to other potential Hugo adopters.

Goodbye, Disqus! Hello, Utterances!

Removing Disqus from my blogdown blog had been on my mind for a while, ever since I saw Bob Rudis’ tweet enjoining Noam Ross to not use it for his brand-new website. The same Twitter thread introduced me to Utterances, a “lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues”, which I have at last installed to my blog in lieu of Disqus. How did I manage to not lose anything of value? How easy was it to switch tools? Read on to learn more!