Scientific publications and communications

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The R Developer Community Does Have a Strong Software Engineering CultureM. Salmon, K. Ram. The R Journal, 2022. 

When, Where, and What? Characterizing Personal PM2.5 Exposure in Periurban India by Integrating GPS, Wearable Camera, and Ambient and Personal Monitoring Data.  C. Milà, M. Salmon, M. Sanchez, A. Ambrós, S. Bhogadi, V. Sreekanth, M. Nieuwenhuijsen, S. Kinar, J.D. Marshall, C.Tonne. Environmental Science & Technology, 2019. 

Health impact assessment of cycling network expansions in European cities.  N. Mueller, D. Rojas-Rueda, M. Salmon, D. Martinez, A. Ambros, C. Brand, A. de Nazelle, E. Dons, M. Gaupp-Berghausen, R. Gerike, T. Götschi, F. Iacorossi, L. Int Panis, S. Kahlmeier, E. Raser, M. Nieuwenhuijsen. Preventive Medicine, 2018. 

Wearable camera-derived microenvironments in relation to personal exposure to PM2.5M. Salmon, C. Milà, S. Bhogadi, S. Addanki, P. Madhira, N. Muddepaka, A. Mora, M. Sanchez, S. Kinra, V. Sreekanth, A. Doherty, J.D. Marshall, C. Tonne. Environment International, 2018. 

Population Wide Decline in Somatic Growth in Harbor Seals—Early Signs of Density Dependence.  K. C. Hårding, M. Salmon, J. Teilmann, R. Dietz, T. Härkönen. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2018. 

Use of spatiotemporal characteristics of ambient PM2.5 in rural South India to infer local versus regional contributions.  K. Kumar, V. Sreekanth, M. Salmon, C. Tonne, J.D. Marshall. Environmental Pollution, 2018. 

A Community of Practice Around Peer Review for Long-Term Research Software Sustainability.  K. Ram, C. Boettiger, S. Chamberlain, N. Ross, M. Salmon, S. Butland. Computing in Science & Engineering, 2018. 

Development of land-use regression models for fine particles and black carbon in peri-urban South India.  M. Sanchez, A. Ambros, C. Milà, M. Salmon, K. Balakrishnan, S. Sambandam, V. Sreekanth, J.D. Marshall, C. Tonne. Science of The Total Environment, 2018. 

osmdata.  M. Padgham, R. Lovelace, M. Salmon, B. Rudis. The Journal of Open Source Software, 2017. 

Predictors of Daily Mobility of Adults in Peri-Urban South India.  M. Sanchez, A. Ambros, M. Salmon, S. Bhogadi, R. T. Wilson, S. Kinra, J. D. Marshall, C. Tonne. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2017. 

Timeliness in the German surveillance system for infectious diseases: Amendment of the infection protection act in 2013 decreased local reporting time to 1 day.  J. Schumacher, M. Diercke, M. Salmon, I. Czogiel, D. Schumacher, H. Claus, A. Gilsdorf. PLOS ONE, 2017. 

Integrated assessment of exposure to PM2.5 in South India and its relation with cardiovascular risk: Design of the CHAI observational cohort study.  C. Tonne, M. Salmon, M. Sanchez, V. Sreekanth, S. Bhogadi, S. Sambandam, K. Balakrishnan, S. Kinra, J. D. Marshall. Elsevier International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 2017. 

rtimicropem: an R package supporting the analysis of RTI MicroPEM output filesM. Salmon, V. Sreekanth, C. Milà, J.D. Marshall, C. Tonne. The Journal of Open Source Software, 2017. 

Monitoring Count Time Series in R: Aberration Detection in Public Health SurveillanceM. Salmon, D. Schumacher, M. Höhle. Journal of Statistical Software, 2016. 

To combat air inequality, governments and researchers must open their data (commentary).  C. A. Hasenkopf, D. C. Adukpo, M. Brauer, H. L. Dewitt, S. Guttikunda, A. I. Ibrahim, D. Lodoisamba, N. Mutanyi, G. Olivares, P. Pant, M. Salmon, L. Sereeter. Clean Air Journal, 2016. 

A system for automated outbreak detection of communicable diseases in GermanyM. Salmon, D. Schumacher, H. Burmann, C. Frank, H. Claus, M. Höhle. Eurosurveillance, 2016. 

Bayesian Outbreak Detection in the Presence of Reporting DelaysM. Salmon, D. Schumacher, K. Stark, M. Höhle. Biometrical Journal, 2015. 

Management of Phytophthora ramorum at Plot and Landscape Scales for Disease Control, Tanoak Conservation, and Forest Restoration– Insights From Epidemiological and Ecosystem Models.  J.A.N. Filipe, R.C. Cobb, M. Salmon, D.M. Rizzo, C.A. Gilligan. Proceedings of the Sudden Oak Death Fifth Science Symposium, 2013. 

Nosolink: An Agent-based Approach to Link Patient Flows and Staff Organization with the Circulation of Nosocomial Pathogens in an Intensive Care Unit.  J. Ferrer, M. Salmon, L. Temime. Procedia Computer Science, 2013.