Maëlle Salmon

R(esearch) Software Engineer & Blogger based in Nancy, France

maelle on the verge of laughing
©Photo Julie Noury Soyer

Current work

  • Part-time research software engineer for rOpenSci (since February 2018).
  • Part-time software engineer for cynkra (since June 2022).

I'm also...

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R functions that shorten/filter stuff: less is more

My sticky note is full! And luckily all functions on it can be squeezed into a similar topic: making things smaller! Make lists smaller with purrr::compact(), purrr::keep(), purrr::discard() Once upon a time there was a list (isn’t this the beginning of all R scripts?!) my_list <- list( name = "Maëlle", city = "Nancy", r_problems_encountered = Inf, python_skills = NULL ) Imagine you want to get rid of NULL elements.

How to pronounce my name

My last name is Salmon like the fish and the colour, and you can pronounce it like that if you want. My first name, Maëlle, is derived from a Celtic word that means princess or chief. It’s pronounced “Ma-El” as “ma” in “macaroni” and as the Spanish “El”.