Maëlle Salmon

R(esearch) Software Engineer & Blogger based in Nancy, France


Current work

  • Part-time research software engineer for rOpenSci (since February 2018).

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Stingy Beanie baby webscraping

I’ve just finished teaching blogging with R Markdown at R-Ladies Bangalore. This has two consequences: I need to calm down a bit after the stress of live demoing & co, and I am inspired to, well, blog with R Markdown! As I’ve just read a fascinating book about the beanie baby bubble and as I’ve seen rvest is getting an update, I’ve decided to harvest Beaniepedia. Both of these things show I spend too much time on Twitter, as the book has been tweeted about by Vicki Boykis, and the package changes have been tweeted about by Hadley Wickham.

Set up your package to foster a community

Summary from rOpenSci website: rOpenSci puts ongoing effort into exploring and communicating how developers can best attract attention to their package (e.g. usage, citations, or feedback), or how to set up their repository to encourage the types of contributions they want. In this 1-hour community call, Maëlle Salmon, Hugo Gruson, and Steffi LaZerte will share tips and examples on how to do this! What is the community of a package or project?

How to pronounce my name

My last name is Salmon like the fish and the colour, and you can pronounce it like that if you want. My first name, Maëlle, is derived from a Celtic word that means princess or chief. It’s pronounced “Ma-El” as “ma” in “macaroni” and as the Spanish “El”.