Maëlle Salmon

R(esearch) Software Engineer & Blogger based in Nancy, France


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  • Part-time research software engineer for rOpenSci (since February 2018).

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How to become a better R code detective?

Huge thanks to Hannah Frick for her useful feedback on this post! Vielen Dank! This post was featured on the R Weekly podcast by Eric Nantz. When trying to fix a bug or add a feature to an R package, how do you go from viewing the code as a big messy ball of wool, to a logical diagram that you can bend to your will? In this post, I will share some resources and tips on getting better at debugging and reading code, written by someone else (or yourself but long enough ago to feel foreign!

¡Por favor... Dibújame un proyecto!

Tener organizados tus proyectos de R es útil aunque no tengas colaboradores tan exigentes como El Principito. ¿Pero cómo se logra? ¿Se pone el proyecto en algún tipo de caja? En esta charla presentaré algunas herramientas útiles: git, here, renv, targets, orderly… También explicaré si transformar todo en un paquete de R siempre es una buena idea. Después de mi charla habrás oído consejos y trucos para tus proyectos en R.

How to pronounce my name

My last name is Salmon like the fish and the colour, and you can pronounce it like that if you want. My first name, Maëlle, is derived from a Celtic word that means princess or chief. It’s pronounced “Ma-El” as “ma” in “macaroni” and as the Spanish “El”.