Maëlle Salmon

R(esearch) Software Engineer & Blogger based in Nancy, France


Current work

  • Part-time research software engineer for rOpenSci (since February 2018).

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Single-source publishing for R users

A big part of my work includes putting content about R online, in blog posts and online books. I’m therefore very interested in the technical infrastructure that allows us R users to produce beautiful products out of R Markdown or Markdown source files. In this post I shall summarize my recent experiments around making HTML and PDF versions of books. Thanks to Julie Blanc’s inspiring post in French, I have learnt this is called single-source publishing.

Become an R Package Developer!

“Develop an R package”, they said… What does this even mean? In this session with a live demo, we shall demystify the creation of an R package. R packages are mostly well-organized folders, and there are automatic tools to help. Let’s dive into the wonders of usethis! We shall also see why to create a package (or not). We shall furthermore explain how to improve your R package and your own package development skills.

How to pronounce my name

My last name is Salmon like the fish and the colour, and you can pronounce it like that if you want. My first name, Maëlle, is derived from a Celtic word that means princess or chief. It’s pronounced “Ma-El” as “ma” in “macaroni” and as the Spanish “El”.