Mapping waxwings annual migration without Twitter

Recently a reader left a comment on this blog mentioning his cool blog post in which he mapped the spread of a migratory bird using Twitter. His data source was the Waxwings UK account which reports sightings of Bohemian waxwings in the UK. I decided to try reproducing and extending his work using the rOpenSci spocc package that interfaces different sources of species occurrence data.

A plot against the CatterPlots complot

In these terrible times, we R people have more important subjects to debate/care about than ggplot2 vs. base R graphics (isn’t even worth discussing anyway, ggplot2 is clearly the best alternative). Or so I thought until I saw CatterPlots trending on Twitter this week and even being featured on Revolutions blog. It was cool because plots with cats are cool, but looking more closely at the syntax of CatterPlots, I couldn’t but realize it was probably a complot to make us all like base R graphics syntax again! So let me show you how to make a cute plot with the awesome ggplot2 extension emojifont.

Cards on the table

After the last post building on feedback from readers, the blog is back to the regular program of recycling old Github repos. Today’s project was waiting for its turn here and will involve a Catan card game. Nearly a year ago, I played Catan with my husband who was kind enough to accept our monitoring all rounds. My goal? Producing a nice animated visualization of our game.