Set up your package to foster a community



Summary from rOpenSci website: rOpenSci puts ongoing effort into exploring and communicating how developers can best attract attention to their package (e.g. usage, citations, or feedback), or how to set up their repository to encourage the types of contributions they want. In this 1-hour community call, Maëlle Salmon, Hugo Gruson, and Steffi LaZerte will share tips and examples on how to do this!

  • What is the community of a package or project?
  • Include a Code of Conduct
  • What goes in your package contributing guide? Etiquette and setup
  • Use your README to share your expectations with users and potential contributors
  • Use issue templates
  • Use issue labels to explicitly invite contributions (code or non-code) and user feedback
  • Include a roadmap so potential contributors know where your package is going, what you plan to implement, and what you won’t
  • What characteristics of a package or project make contributors keep coming back?

Come hear our best recommendations, and share your favorites. Stefanie Butland will moderate to get answers to your questions and we’ll have a collaborative notes doc to harness everyone’s collective wisdom.