Scientific Blogging with R Markdown


Blog post about the course

Are you an R user who works in science? Would you like sharing more online? How about starting a new blog, with R Markdown (Rmd)?

In this 2-hour course with live coding, we’ll go on three short adventures:

  • setting up a scientific Rmd blog with the Distill framework and the distill package

  • setting up a scientific Rmd blog with the Hugo website generator and the hugodown package

  • adding Rmd posts to a Wordpress blog.

We’ll prepare for the adventures by defining what we expect of an Rmd blog. We’ll end the course by reflecting on each adventure as well as mentioning important future paths such as how to promote your blog. You should leave the course ready to start a scientific R Markdown blog with your tool of choice, and knowing where to find more resources and help.