French places and a sort of resolution

Sort of introduction to this post and hopefully the next ones

I usually don’t have any New Year resolution. However, recent tweets about productivity – from people I actually find productive and inspiring – made me ponder a bit on my unfinished side projects. My main 2016 side-project was submitting and defending my PhD thesis, and I’ve written a few R packages, so I’m overall quite happy.

But in 2016 I also started stuff without delivering. In particular, I prepared small data projects in Github repositories with a very precise README because I didn’t have a blog and planned to start one after my PhD thesis. Then I created my blog (thanks Nick!) and… only re-posted an analysis of mine from another blog. My nice repositories are still lying around and they represent quite a few of my West Side-project Story unfinished buildings. I’ve decided transforming some of my usable data projects into blog posts was a nice step towards being or at least feeling more productive.

Let’s start today with my visualizations of names of French places!