Storytime preparedness with av

My kids got a cool electronic storyteller as a gift. It is basically a pretty cube that you shake to make it play tracks. La conteuse merveilleuse comes with pre-loaded songs and stories, but you can also add your own. Very handy, as we had e.g. CDs that came with magazines. According to the anti-manual1, to add a mp3 or wav file you own, you first need to convert it to the storyteller’s expected format by using the company’s online converter, la moulinette (the mill).

Make a trailer for your slidedeck with av

rOpenSci post-doc hacker Jeroen Ooms has just released a cool new package, av, that he wrote “will become the video counterpart of the magick package which [rOpenSci uses] for working with images.". av provides bindings to the FFmepg libraries for editing videos. It’s already become a renderer for gganimate by Thomas Lin Pedersen, but av allows more than making videos of graphics. In this post, I’ll show how to use av and webshot to make a trailer/sneak preview of a slidedeck, i.e. a short video featuring the first few slides on music!